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Natl Council on Strength and Fitness
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Mission: Provide affordable, safe and effective services at the highest quality to help clients reach their fitness goals.

What are you fitness goals? Are they to lose weight? Increase strength? Improve aerobic capacity? or just to improve general fitness? Whatever your goals are, I can help. My name is Justin Purohit and I am certified by the National Council on Strength and Fitness. I am recreationally involved in many sports and I am experienced in anaroebic and aerobic training. If you are looking for a person to motivate you and make going to the gym fun, enjoyable and effective then I am the personal trainer for you.


Every client will be engaged in a four day pre-exercise screening protocol. The four day screening protocol will include:

1) Informed Consent, Health & Behavior Questionaire & Resting Battery Assessment
2) Testing of Aerobic Capacity
3) Testing of Muscular Strength/Endurance
4) Demonstration of Proper Technique

After four days of protocol, we will then begin the exercise program that I create specifically designed for your needs and goals.

The training sessions will tailor to your needs and abilities. Under normal circumstances, sessions are usually an hour. During this hour, I will not waste your time by socializing with you. I will make every minute of your session worthwhile by focusing on your goals and motivate you to keep pursuing your goals.

If you are interested in my services, please browse around my website to learn more about me and obtain information on rates and payment methods. In addition, please see below for my availability and contact me or see my FAQ for any questions you may have.


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